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A Bowl of Blood to Deter the Bugs

June 12, 2010

June 10th & 11th – End of the line, Clinton, Missouri. This town has more people than we have bug bites. It also has free camping and showers! I bet that’s really nice for traveling cyclers who don’t have a Hampton Inn to stay at. We do.

Yesterday, we woke up in the gazebo suite and made our way to Dottie’s for breakfast. Our trail buddy (of whom we have dozens) Bill was there playing upright washtub bass with his bluegrass band. I showed him a thing or two and stood in for a song. Dottie filled our vahsa bahsells with the unique sulfurated water that we have come to expect. We eveeeeentually left camp round 9:30.

The 50 mile ride to Pilot Grove was delightful as could be. Jenny used her Deep Knowing to locate a delicious ice cream parlor in Booneville (pronounced “Boooonvuhl”). The last ten miles, Joey and I shared a Hitchcockian experience, biking as fast as our tired legs could take us while I swatted the many biting horseflies off her back. Weird times.

We sat in a grassy circle and shared some feelings before pooling off in the pool. We reunited with our trail buddy Bruce, who got to be our tent neighbor for a second time. We really like you, Bruce. Hope your new chickens last as long as your old one!

Dinners are consistantly very good. The J’s should write a cyclotouring recipe book. AND! This groups KNOWS good photos. Just you wait.

We left the next morning around 8:45. It was a tough 60 miles, gooey legs and all. I got high on an esspresso shot in Sedallia, and enjoyed that leg of the ride giddy and swirving down the trail. Somehow, we finished the entire Katy Trail today, and have the battle wounds to prove it. Some were hit harder than others.

No, really, I’m typing this from a Hampton Inn. Have you been to one of these places? It’s amaaaaaazing. We cooked our dinner in the parking lot as to avoid the carbon monoxide detectors going off. Tomorrow is a rest day and our hopes couldn’t be higher. I have to return to m’crops and community, so I’ll be headed back to St. Louis on Sunday.

I’ve fallen in love every day of this trip, and couldn’t have dreamt of a better way to spend a week. Peering into the wonderful world of Joey, Jenny, and Janelle has been an adventure in itself. This tour will be magic for them and everyone who comes to know them in their journey.

Take care, Sonic Boom! Thanks for all the good miles and inside jokes. Endless love,


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  1. biker pat permalink
    June 12, 2010 4:15 pm

    Phil’s GMA quote of the day:

    “This is NOT a made for television event.”

  2. biker pat permalink
    June 12, 2010 6:53 pm

    Phil’s GMA quote of the day Part Deux:

    “They said this Tour was too short, they said this Tour was too easy (dramatic pause) “THEY….were wrong!!”

  3. Katie permalink
    June 12, 2010 7:17 pm

    Shared feelings = co-counseling? I KNEW IT JENNY!

    Keep the posts coming 🙂

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